CTIA Quick Claim Guide

First of all, if you’re in a critical emergency: call 911!

What to do if there's been a major incident:

(ex: burst pipe, kitchen fire, major car damage, auto accident with possible injuries, etc.)

  1. Call your insurance carrier! There’s no reason to wait. get the ball rolling.
  2. Your insurance carrier will walk you through the process of submitting your claim.
  3. When things have calmed down, give CTIA a call. Your insurance carrier does not immediately notify us of every claim – and we want to offer guidance and support whenever you need it.

What to do if there's been a minor incident:

(ex: minor car damage, broken/cracked windows or windshields, stolen gym bag, etc.)

  1. Give us a call! Things can be confusing – that’s why we’re here. Call us anytime for help.
  2. We’re proud to offer preliminary perspective, discuss options, and help navigate your next steps.
  3. If there’s a claim to be made, we’ll direct you to call your insurance carrier and get the ball rolling –  they will take it from here.

⭐ We are not immediately notified of every claim and, due to privacy mandates, we cannot see information about your claim as it moves through the claims process. Please call us at any time for help, guidnace, and support. We’re here for you!

Contacting your carrier

How to contact your carrier:

Carrier Contact Info
PEMCO:800 467-3626
SAFECO:800 332-3226
PROGRESSIVE:800 776-4737
FOREMOST:800 435-7764
ARROWHEAD:800 519-1303
GEOVERA:800 859-8734

How to follow your claim:

Your claims adjuster will tell you what to expect from your claims process, provide information throughout, and answer your reimbursement questions.

We’re proud to be your insurance super team!