Powerful protection and peace of mind

Once upon a time, the $500,000 maximum liability limit on auto and home policies was a luxury. But inflation, medical expenses, population growth, and basic changes over time … the world is bigger, busier, and more uncertain. Nowadays, the $500,000 limit is the bare minimum for protecting what we care about.

At CTIA, we believe an umbrella policy is THE best way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and everyone who relies on the quality of your coverage.

Who needs an umbrella policy?


We know that umbrella insurance, like all protection, helps you and your loved ones sleep better at night.

But we believe it’s about more than that. We believe it’s about social responsibility and ensuring that you are prepared for anything life might bring.

And the best news? Umbrella insurance is not a budget breaker. In fact, the annual cost for a policy starts at about $200.

We consider umbrella insurance to be a cornerstone of any sound personal protection and long-term financial plan — and it’s the easiest way to achieve peace of mind.

Umbrella insurance is your “sleep well at night policy”

What it is:

Why you need it:

Umbrella insurance is the battery pack, the booster shot, and the super charge.

Auto insurance should start with you

We help you build a custom policy that meets your needs from the ground up — and help you embrace your plan benefits.

This isn’t just about saving you money ( and we usually do! ), it’s about you understanding your protection and risk tolerance.

You’re a responsible driver. Your highest priority on the road is protecting yourself and those around you.

At CTIA, we’re in the business of providing the service, the information, and the support you need. This is why we’re an independent agency.