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The Best Way to Avoid Car Break-Ins

Car break-ins are one of those things you never expect to happen to you.

You lock your car and roll up your windows and assume that should be enough. But, anyone who has had their car broken into, knows car prowlers aren’t deterred by secured doors and windows.  

And it usually happens because they had something, even random items, visible through the windows.

There is a direct correlation between what is visible in your car and break-ins. For every car break-in claim at CTIA, we ask what was visible in the car. People often say nothing, until we dig a little deeper and inquire about random items. It doesn’t have to be a purse, wallet or electronic, even charging cords or loose change in cup holders can be temptation for a car prowler. We’ve even heard stories about luggage, left in the backseat, being rummaged through.

The best way to avoid a car break-in is to leave your car absolutely empty. Prowlers look through the windows, do a quick scan and make a determination if it’s worth it or not to break-in.  If there’s nothing to steal, there’s no reason for prowlers to break-in. So don’t tempt them.

We know it can be difficult to remove everything from your car, but you should at least make sure everything is out of sight.  

Though it may take an extra few minutes, clean up the loose change, the random items in the back seat, and (although it may seem obvious, it’s worth saying) definitely don’t leave valuable items, like golf clubs, computers or cell phones in plain sight.

The extra time spent cleaning everything is worth it. It’s the best way to avoid the broken windows, scratched paint and, especially, stolen stuff.