As your insurance Super Team, we are proud of our four core values

C is for Community

When we think about community, we think about connection. We believe in generating partnerships, supporting networks, and creating bridges. We believe in building long-term relationships and cultivating meaningful conversations. This is why we’re able to craft protection plans that fit our clients’ evolving lives and goals, and why they know they can turn to us for great community connections — no matter the need.

T is for Teamwork

You are not a policy number. When you work with CTIA, you’re not working with a single, impersonal agent assigned to “service” your protection plan. With us, you’re working with an entire Super Team. Each and every one of us is here to help, so that you get quick, personal, and effective assistance when you need it.

I is for Independence

CTIA values choice. That’s why we believe in being an independent insurance agency. Because we’re not limited to one insurance company, we’re able to serve you better by providing the right balance between coverage and cost. Being independent means we custom craft the right protection plan for you — based on your individual needs and risk tolerance. And, because life’s complex, we’re always here to adjust your plan with regular reviews.

A is for Advocacy

You need to know you’re taken care of. But more often than not, people wind up with one-size-fits-all coverage from a call center or an outdated protection plan. At CTIA, we want to make sure that you have effective coverage for your life and goals, and we care about ensuring that you understand the protection you have. We believe in working with you to create a protection plan that makes sense for the life you live.