Christopher Togawa

Christopher is passionate about people.

He loves learning about who they are, what’s going on in their lives, and what matters most to them. And he loves making sure that they are well protected so that they can live their lives fully and sleep peacefully. That’s why he opened CTIA in 1988 — so he could build a values-based business that puts people first and treats them with personal care and attention.

Today, Christopher is a proud leader of CTIA’s dedicated Super Team, but his own super hero origin story in the insurance industry begins with his mother. On top of being a great mom, she was a well-respected insurance professional at PEMCO. Christopher grew up watching her work hard in an industry she loved, and he is dedicated to bringing the same values and integrity to his work that she modeled every day.

Second only to his passion for people is Christopher’s love of Seattle. Having grown up here, he is deeply rooted in the city. He enjoys watching Seattle’s neighborhoods evolve over time, supporting its arts and its youth programs, and going to as many pro sports games as possible! But his favorite thing to do when he’s got the time? That’s easy. Christopher is an avid golfer.

(And, of course, there’s a love story. Christopher met his wife, Sarah, in Seattle, and their partnership has deepened his experience of the city and his life in every way.)

With over three decades at the helm of CTIA, Christopher is more committed than ever to ensuring that each and every client receives the service and expertise they deserve. From creating personalized protection plans to providing guidance in times of hardship and crisis, Christopher is honored to lead your Insurance Super Team.

What our clients say

“Christopher has been my PEMCO agent for over 17 years. I don’t think there’s a line of insurance that PEMCO offers that our family doesn’t have. During all those years, Christopher has worked hard to make sure that the products we have, levels of coverage, and premiums are all optimized for us, the customer, and not his commissions. He has recommended lower coverages if they make sense and can save money. I have come to depend on Christopher for objective analysis of my insurance needs, knowing that I don’t have to second guess his integrity. Christopher is truly a professional in this field, someone that I know I can trust for the long term.”
Dean Kato
Business Consultant